The Groove customer support widget is a small tab that can be easily installed on your site, giving your customers a simple way to search your knowledge base and/or contact you.

Installing the Widget

To install the widget, log in to your Groove account and click the Settings icon in the far left menu bar. In theIntegrations (legacy)section, locate theSupport Widgetapp and clickInstallon the widget page.

Once installed, click theSettingsbutton, thenCreate Widgetat the top of the page.

(Note: If you already have the support widget installed, you will see an "upgrade" button in your settings.)

Customizing the Widget

You'll be taken through the setup steps to create and customize your widget.

On the final step, you will be given a snippet of code and the option to either copy it or email it to a developer on your team.

Adding the Widget to Your Knowledge Base

To add the support widget to your Knowledge Base, go to theLook & feelsection and expand theCustom Scriptsbox. There, paste your code snippet into the Scripts.

Adding the Widget to Your Site

To add the support widget to your website, insert your code snippet just above thetag in your site's source code. After you've done that you will see the widget contact button added to every page of your website.

Please Note:The customer support widget does not currently work in the Microsoft Edge browser. All other major browsers are supported.