While the mobile web app is still in beta, only certain actions are available on conversations while we work on adding those features to the app.

Right now you can take the following actions on a conversation.

  • Assign the conversation to an agent
  • Change status to open or closed
  • Add star priority to the conversation
  • Add a note and mention another agent
  • Reply to the ticket
  • Insert a canned reply

Other Ticket Actions

By tapping the three verticle dots in the top right corner of the page, you can reveal more actions.

From this menu, you can take a shortcut to add a note, snooze the ticket, or mark it as spam.

There are also three verticle dots next to each message within the ticket. By tapping this you canView Originalto see the email headers for that message.

Replying to Tickets on Mobile

From the reply editor you can:

  • Change the assignee
  • Change the status
  • Change the TO address
  • Add a Cc and/or Bcc address
  • Insert a canned reply

如果你改变了主意,导航远离reply editor before sending, your draft will be saved to the ticket like it is on the desktop client.