Welcome to Groove!





Groove consists of three different parts, each with their own cool icon within the platform:

  • Inbox

  • Knowledge Base

  • 报告

Let’s go over the basics so you know exactly what lies within each. Open up your new Groove account in another window to follow along. Or just focus on this guide for now, then hit the ground running when you’re finished reading.



Watch our quick video to tour this beauty:

Check out the fullInbox Overviewfor more details on how to navigate this section


1.The left navigation menu shows a rundown of the organization in the inbox. You’ll see a list of all your mailboxes, folders, teammates, tags. Click each one to open it up and see the conversations within it.




4。The right sidebar contains everything you always wanted to know about the customer but were afraid to ask. Or rather, didn’t have the time to ask. We pull in all their personal information like name, email, company, and recent conversations, so you can treat every customer like your BFF.

This is also where一体化生活。您可以在MailChimp中查看客户的用户状态,购物购买历史记录,Trello卡链接到错误报告,还有更多......


The knowledge base houses FAQs, how-to’s, and training guides for all your customers’ self-service needs. You’ll create, edit, and publish all these articles within the dashboard. We’ll show you how...

Check out the full知识库概述for more details on how to navigate this section

Click on the Knowledge Base icon on the far left to open up this section of our platform. From there, you’ll see five options.

1.查看网站opens your knowledge base in a new window. This is how customers will see your portal. It’s the live, published, public-facing version of your base. You’ll click this when you want to see how your changes look “in real life.”

2.文章is where you’ll create, edit, publish, and delete articles for your customers’ reading enjoyment. All the posts within your knowledge base appear in one easy-to-view list, with the number of page views and ratings shown per article, so you can quickly see what’s working. Use the search bar or filters at the top to find a specific article. Click the “Create article” button to craft your latest post.


4.看起来和感觉lets you choose a theme, colors, and fonts for your portal to keep it consistent with your brand at large. You’ve got lots of options to choose from, along with the opportunity to get creative with your own custom code.

滚动栏编辑wording on your knowledge base homepage, add rating and contact options to your articles, add/remove authors and dates to your posts, and much more. If you need to adjust something that affects your entire base, you’ll find it in this section.


Here’s a quick overview of what you can do within your knowledge base settings:

  • 一般:转动您的基础实时,编辑名称或URL
  • 语言和文本:选择语言,编辑默认文本
  • Access control: Set password or IP whitelist
  • SEO:控制您的基础如何出现在公共搜索中
  • Google Analytics:添加跟踪ID
  • Domain & SSL: Technical things
  • Advanced: Select, redirect, or delete a knowledge base


The Reporting dashboard holds all the numbers and charts you need to track what’s going on in the inbox and in the knowledge base. Use these metrics to establish baselines, set team goals, and quantify customer feedback.

Check out the full报告Overviewfor more details on how to navigate this section

Inbox Reports

Find out how many conversations you have each day, trending tags, average response time, CSAT scores, and a lot more.



1.Conversationsshows how many emails pour into the inbox each day and how many get resolved. Get more granular with reports on when they come in (busiest time), what they’re about (tag insights), and who is handling them (team leaderboard).

Use this information to staff up for busy times, present feedback to other teams, and compete against your teammates for highest CSAT score ;)




单击代理程序以查看具有COMOL CLABLES和图表的完整报告,以其个人生产力。使用此以便跟踪并提高您自己的进步加班。或者,如果您是经理,请定期检查此页面以确保每个代理正在按预期执行。


When you use use teams to separate high level subject matter in the inbox, this report provides great insight on which topics need more attention. (Like, if you have a “bug” team, and the overall number of conversations rises, use this report to suggest creating a better process for bug reports.)

Knowledge Base Reports

At the bottom of the left sidebar, you’ve got the Knowledge Base report.

See how many visitors come to the base, how many articles they view, and what they think of each one. Get a breakdown of the most searched for terms, in addition to failed searches.

这是一个金矿!Make sure your highest viewed articles rank high with customers and constantly update your base to incorporate failed search terms.


Keep reading to learn more about the additional access you have under Settings.


Like most technology, you’ll find all the nitty gritty preferences and organizational elements within Settings.

1.My Settingsis where you’ll edit your profile, adjust notifications, and control your inbox preferences. You’ll spend a lot of time in the inbox, use these controls to make sure you’re comfortable in it.

2.组织lets you edit the organization profile, add new users and teams, and access API settings. We keep it simple, so you can easily adapt your inbox as your organization grows.

3. Conversations拥有收件箱的全能自动化和节省时间 - 邮箱,邮箱,答复,标记,规则,文件夹和对话偏好。您可能会在本节中花费大部分时间。

  • Mailboxes:Set up multiple email addresses to funnel into different parts of the inbox.
  • Canned replies:创建,编辑和删除常见问题的响应。
  • 标签:查看和编辑所有标记。
  • 规则:根据......然后条件编辑和触发自动化。
  • Folders:编辑并添加文件夹以根据条件组织对话。
  • 优先:为邮箱,收件人,回复和添加黑名单电子邮件设置默认值

4。Integrationsis where you’ll add and edit third-party tools to your inbox. Use them to get a more holistic picture of your customers and provide multi-channel support. Think: Slack, Facebook, Zapier, etc. Just click on the integration and we’ll walk you through every step of setup.


Now, go forth with your newfound Groove knowledge and provide awesome customer support to one and all!

Bookmark this guide to reference whenever you need it. And don’t hesitate to伸手有任何问题。